Must Follow Maintenance Jobs for Family Cars


When a vehicle is used for transporting families that have small kids or infants, it is needless to say, that their maintenance chores and care needs to be extra special. For them, here is a list of must follow maintenance jobs that need to be executed without fail. We gathered this list from a well reputed Acura service center near Henderson, whom we have seen performing thorough maintenance jobs for family cars that impressed us deeply.

Basic System Maintenance

Any basic maintenance schedule of a vehicle that hauls people especially children needs to ensure safety before anything else.

Hence the maintenance jobs should start with checking out all the safety measures that are installed in the vehicle. It should invariably start with checking out the brakes. Depending upon the condition that must be authorized only after a thorough session of inspection, the brake pads, brake rotors and the brake fluid should be paid attention to.

It should be followed by checking all the other safety features, like airbags, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and whatever other features that the vehicle is equipped with.

To maintain the right level of visibility, the windshield washer fluid needs to be checked and replaced if necessary along with the wiper blades to see that there is no nicks or trace of tear.

You should also check the oil and change it if necessary, especially if your child is about to take the car to college. This should also include checking of all the lights like headlight, taillight, turn signals, brake lights, and parking lights.

Replace whichever is found to be burnt out.

Interior Maintenance

Kids especially the small ones are prone to infections. So the vehicles carrying the kids needs to be extra clean and sanitized. For that the air filter, air conditioning vents and the cabin filters need to be cleaned and replaced more often than usually done on other cars.

Remember the Tires

Family cars need to be given an extra layer of security. Tires though not included under safety features do affect the safety of any vehicle, as the entire load is dependent on these tires. It is because of the same reason that the tires of the vehicle tend to wear much earlier than other vehicle parts. So, wen you are maintaining a family car, one needs to check the tires at least once in a month to ensure they are properly inflated, balanced, rotated and aligned.

If you find any signs of wear, it should be immediately replaced without delay.

Ready for Emergency

When it is a family vehicle, it has to be ready for every kind of emergency situations, says an expert at the Henderson area Aura service center. This is the reason why all the car owners are advised to keep an emergency kit handy in the glove box.  This is required to address any roadside emergency issues so, the kit should consist of items like jumper cables, reflectors, road flares, a flashlight ready with fresh battery, and a tire pressure gauge. A bunch of first aid boxes should be kept ready to treat the children, if unfortunately the vehicle gets trapped into any accident.