Everything You Need To Know About Performance Brakes


Most of us might be aware of the car and its engine’s parts. But have you ever thought about your brakes? These life-saving brakes and the parts put together to make the brake mechanism also need regular maintenance and should be changed before they completely wear out. Below are some of the important parts of performance brake and how they work:

  • Brake pads- These are the most important parts of the brake mechanism. When you hit the brake, these brake pads get pressed against the rotors, which generate friction to help and bring the car to a stop. Organic brake pads are usually used in most of the car’s brake mechanisms as they wear out well, do no make much noise, and also do not damage the rotors. These pads work well when they are cold and are less effective when they get hot. On the other hand, semi-metallic pads are used in sports cars and work well when they get hot. While racing cars use metallic pads, which are not used in performance brakes as they create dust and squeal while driving and are really hard on the rotors.
  • Brake Rotors- Brake rotors are also commonly known as brake discs. These are what the brakes use to clamp down on to stop your vehicle’s spinning wheels. These come in two types- drilled and slotted. The drilled rotors have holes drilled into them that allow the heat to escape. When the pads hit the rotors, the friction creates heat which can lead to brake fade if not allowed to escape. It allows you to drain water if you are driving through a wet road. While the slotted rotors use slots on a flat metal surface that helps in removing heat and water from the rotors and are also more durable than drilled rotors.
  • Brake fluid- Brake fluids help by providing an incompressible medium that helps in transmitting pressure on the brake through the master cylinder to the calipers, pressing the brake pads against the rotors to create friction, which helps in bringing the car to a halt. Overheated brake fluid can boil in the caliper and damage the brake mechanism. It also helps by providing lubrication to all parts of the brake and hence prevents corrosion and helps in the smooth functioning of the entire mechanism.

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