Rules You Should Follow For An Easy Import


Like everything else in life, importing a vehicle into the country has some rules. Australia tends to have quite a lot of regulations when it comes to importing vehicles from other countries, and if you wish to import a car successfully, then you will have to follow these rules correctly, otherwise it will take much longer for the import to take place.

Importing providers are key

If you are looking for classic import cars for sale that are out of Australia, then finding a provider which will be able to help in bringing that car into Australia is certainly a big part of the importing process. Providers take care of some of the most important details during the import that can speed up the process, which is why finding one is very significant.

Applying for import approval

One of the first things that you have to do after you consult with the importing provider is submit apply for approval that you can actually posses a vehicle under your name in Australia, and that it can be imported for you specifically.

If you would want to do this a few years ago, you would have to wait in line for hours, however, thanks to modern technologies, you can easily do this from the comfort of your own home over the internet. The best part is that you will also receive approval online as well.

In order to receive the approval, it is suggested to check if the vehicle that you are trying to import meets the Australian regulations regarding banned vehicles, as vehicles that are too old have a very small chance of being approved.

Older cars should be verified before imported

Arranging the shipping

Your provider will most likely assist you with this part, as they tend to organize transport for your vehicle that is not only safe, but that is fast as well. You can even check the cost of car shipping according to Import Direct Car Sales via their shipping calculator, which is fantastic.

Customs clearance and quarantine requirements

The last parts of the importing process are customs and quarantine. Customs are quite simple, all you have to do is pay for the goods and all the services that are related to the handling of the vehicle before it gets into your hands.

Quarantine requirements are a bit tricky to meet on your own, as cars sometimes require to be modified. However, if you asked a provider to help, you can pay them to take care of this part as well, which is usually the best option. Once the vehicle goes through quarantine inspection, you will be able to take possession of it.

Do research before importing a classic car

Final word

After you get the vehicle in your hands, make sure that you go register the vehicle under your name and to get the plates as well. You would be surprised how many simply tend to forget to do this part, which often causes awkward encounters with the police.