Repair Servicing Covered in Audi Pure Protection


If you are an Audi car owner, you must be knowing already what Audi Pure Protection is all about. But for those who are planning to buy a car and are calculating on the expenses of maintenance and repair, after the car purchase, we hope this will be a useful page of information.

Once you know how Audi will take care of your vehicle, once purchased, it will help you drive with a confidence that will reflect in your happy rides. We have collected the following information from a well-known Audi service center near our locality. And we couldn’t but appreciate the gesture that came from the automaking brand that stands in the first row of global popularity.

Protection on Vehicle Servicing

It is quite similar to a warranty program, which will cover all the mechanical repairs including the parts as well as the labor charge for an Audi up to 10 years from the date of purchase, or till it crosses 120,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Protection Till theLeaseEnds

Audi declares their Lease-End Protection scheme that will cover up to $10,000 worth of servicing caused due to excessive wear-and-tear. It will also cover the charges for cleaning interior stains, replacing tires, dents, and dings, till the end of your lease.

Multi-Coverage Protection

Audi wants to assure its valued customers a peace of mind by offering them a multi coverage protection among which some will be standard while other would be presented to you as optional coverage offers. The aim of offering multi-coverage protection to Audi customers is to help them preserve the original appearance and performance if the vehicle, while minimizing the worries from theunprepared expenditures that could come within a particular time frame from the date of their car purchase. This protection will beat the costs of all appearance and performance related repairs.

Protection Tire and Wheel

Tires and wheels are the most exposed parts of the car that also wear off before every other part does. A flat tire r an unbalanced wheel can make you stranded at any time at the middle of the road, and it is quite understandable if you aren’t financially ready at that moment to bear this sudden cost. As an Audi owner you don’t need to worry much, as your manufacturer will offer you a protection if wheels and tires when they get damaged, mainly due to road imperfectionslike a jetting out metal, pieces of nails or glass scattered on the road, or there are debris and potholes that could damage the tire or wheel alignment. Audi promises to replace them till seven years of your ownership from the date of your car purchase.

Guarantee of Asset Protection Against Any Loss or Theft

The Audi service department confirms that the automaker will stand buy you through thick and thin, in the worst case scenarios. The Audi Pure Protection scheme is also inclusive of a Guaranteed Asset Protection that will waive off the difference of amount settled between your primary insurance and the outstanding balance that can mount up to $50,000, in case you’ve lost your car, or it has been stolen. The Asset Protection will also provide coverage for the insurance deductible, which is however subject to the terms and conditions issued by the program you have signed for.