Reasons Why the Check Engine Light Turns On


Your car dashboard keeps you updated about the status of your car. Depending upon how advanced is the infotainment system of your car, you are going to get more number of messages and indications regarding the same. But even if you drive an old classic car, there will be some indicative signs that will let you know about the disorders your car or your drive is going to face. The check engine light is one such indicative light that you can find eve in the old basic cars. This light will turn on with several other when you key start the engine, and will go down with them, as the car starts moving. But if it stays on, after all the other lights have turned off, it is a plain indication of trouble with the engine and its related systems. But the Cherry Hill check engine light service center mechanics assured, not every time it is indicating a serious issue, but sometimes it really is.

They added that anything which is wrong in the compartments of ignition, fuel, exhaust systems or emissions will trigger this light to vet turned on. While sometimes it can be easily fixed back, other times it might demand a costly repair.

Departments Associated with Engine

Though apparently, the check engine light should talk only about the engine, it actually represents a few more compartments and mechanisms of the car, which is directly or indirectly related to the engine.

While troubles as simple as a loose gas cap or spark plug, a damaged oxygen sensor, can turn on the check engine light, things as serious as a faulty catalytic converter or a transmission fail can also switch on the same. Today since all the vehicles come with an onboard diagnostics system that can detect any problem related to the engine, it has become easier to know what is wrong. But even otherwise, the way the check engine light behaves can also leave you with some clue about how severe the problem can be. And here goes a brief interpretation of those behavioral signals.

Interpreting the Check Engine Light Messages

Usually, the check engine light is supposed to come in a yellow or orange color in which the outline of words will read the “Check the Engine” phrase. It is supposed to turn on automatically when you start the engine for the first time for a few seconds and with other warning lights and fade off afterwards. But depending upon the severity of problems, the light can stay back and show some typical behavioral pattern to let you know if it is an emergency.

The light cansimply stay on still. In such case, know, you are narrowly saved. But if it starts flashing up or blinking, take immediate action and give it a professional hearing. In this, the mechanical department that offers check engine light testing in Cherry Hill recommended to rely only on certified mechanics or an authorized service center to avoid further complications.