Post Winter Rust: Tips for Maintenance and Repairing your Car


Car rust is a common hazard that every car owner has to deal with patience. It goes without saying that every car owner has to take it as a part of life, since the car is an important aspect of his daily life.

We all know that vehicles tend to catch rust more at the time the winter and rainy seasons, since those are the months when keeping your car dry becomes an impossible challenge when the rain or snow water mixed with salty particles start damaging the metal surfaces of your car. The only way out from such an issue is catching the probabilities of rust early. It is only then, you can take care of most of the rust and save your car by making it free from rust.

How? Well, we gathered these tips from an experienced mechanic who serves at a reputable auto body repair shop in Salisbury to deal with car rust.

Wash and Dry

We go by the old saying “Prevention is Better than Cure’. So, the first thing to deal with the rust issue, is not allowing it to form in anywhere in your car. For this, you need to keep the car as clean and dry a possible. You have to increase the frequency of car wash in these seasons, particularly whenever you come back driving in the rain or in snowfall. You need to give your car a thorough wash to clean its metal surfaces from any salty sediments that it might have collected from the road. Then you have to dry up all the metal surfaces with a clean cloth and store it in a covered parking, to keep it away from the contact of wetness as much as possible.

Making Good Use of Sandpaper

During these months, make a habit of inspecting the most rust-prone areas like the hood and the fenders, edge of the wheel wells, the undercarriage parts. If you notice any sign of rust in these areas, the first step towards making them go rust-free is to usea small quantity of sandpaper pads and rub on those surfaces gently, till the rust go completely.

Use a Rust Neutralizer

Investing in a few things like an automotive paint primer and a can of rust neutralizercan you’re your car from rusting, as by applying these solutions on the metal surfaces of your car, you are creating layers of barriers on the top of the metal that will repel the water drops and protect it from formation of any kind of moisture.

Get a Paint Job Done

Though Primer is great, but for a long-term solution to protect your car from rusting, the best way is to paint it. But for this you have to first clean off the rust with the sandpaper, wipe it off from any kind of dust or sand particles, apply the primer and then the paint.

But if the rust has spread beyond the reach of your DIY techniques the only way to save your car is hiring a professional from a reputed place like the Salisbury auto body shop.