How to Find Out a Reliable Mechanic for your Car Repair


Getting the car repaired isn’t a child’s play for any owner, unless he has the support of either a reliable auto repair shop or a skilled mechanic. A good mechanic not only helps a car owner to keep his car running longer but also in saving lots of money from undergoing costly repairs. If you think, finding an experience and reliable mechanic is a matter of sheer luck, then this article might prove you wrong. In other words, we are here to help you find the right mechanic for your car, who will be available at your call, saving your time from visiting and leaving your car in an auto repair shop.

All you have to do, to find one, is following the below listed steps, suggested an experienced auto expert of the Maple Shade auto repair shop that we often visit.

Find Out theBig Business Fleets Services in Your Area

Those who run a Fleet Business need to run different kinds of vehicles for commercial purposes, that need regular maintenance jobs in and out. Hence they’ll always have the best team of mechanics in their contacts who can repair all kinds of vehicles and fix up every kind of issues. ​Visit that place, and ask a few drivers around their company compound, which shop their company has tied up with, and you’ll find the one.

Search Online

With a resource like internet, you won’t have to run about in the hot sun to find anything you need. Look for some sites or forums of car mechanics online. There you can directly ask the forum for the recommendation of a good mechanic and check on their ratings by the users before you hire one.

Screen the Prospective Mechanics

Before handing over your car keys to a recommended mechanic, you can clear all your doubts and confirm your belief in the one, by asking the following questions:

  • How many years of experience do they have in this field?
  • Which auto repair shop they are associated with? Do not forget to cross-verify.
  • Do they offer any guarantee for their work? What if the work doesn’t satisfy you?
  • Is he ASE-certified or have qualified for any equivalent training institute?
  • What kinds of parts they will prefer to use, new, used, OEM or after-market?
  • Are they equipped with the required set of tools?
  • What is their vehicle specialization?
  • Do they offer their customers loaner cars or a free shuttle when the said car is being repaired in their shop?
  • Lastly discuss about the estimates and labor fees. Remember to ask, if they are available on call.
  • Finally accompany them for a test drive to know, how mindful a driver the mechanic is. The better a driver he is, the more you have reasons to rely on him.

Put Their Skills on Test

The last trick of the trade as suggested by the Maple Shade Hyundai dealer is that, if you have any of your maintenance tasks pending, like oil and filter change, wheel balancing or tire rotation, let the mechanic do them and see if you like their way of handling your car. Finally, know that a good mechanic will always be a willing worker, with whom you’ll feel comfortable with.