4 tips for getting cheap car rentals


Renting a car can be painful, if you do not know the rules and policies associated with rental services, while ending up paying more than what’s required.  Here are some ways that can help you to score a cheap car rental service for your next vacation, whether it’s a cross-country tour or weekend getaway. Unless you are taking a flashy ride on a convertible to make your trip more glamorous, you need not pay a heavy fortune for rentals. Follow these tips to save big bucks on your next car rentals.

Skip the airport

When it comes to renting a vehicle, there are many methods to grab a best deal and skipping airport pickup services are definitely one of them. Renting at the airport can turn costly, due to airport surcharges. For example, at international airports you may have to pay 10% concession recovery charge on top of the customer facility fee and per-day rental rate. Instead, check the rental locations inside the city and compare their prices with airport rentals to land a good deal.

Check the websites

You will have to browse online, comparing price package and options to narrow in on the best possible deal. Check their website to find out whether they’re offering any discount.

Compare prices

Online resources and memberships can help you to grab a great deal on your next car reservations. Also get in touch with car rental services or agents and compare their quotes with the actual car rental website to reserve the option for a better price. Also it’s worth considering budget rental companies like Location Decarie.

Think before buying insurance

One of the biggest mistakes that many people commit is to opting for insurance, without knowing the terms and conditions. If you’ve insurance for your personal car, you can always check with the insurance provider on things that are covered for a rental car, instead of wasting lots of money. You should book your service with the right credit card, which covers rental car insurance.

With diligent research, you can find the best car rental rate. Make use of these tips to pay as little as possible on your next rental vehicle. Location Decarie car rentals has been offering the highest quality services in Montreal and Quebec for many years. With a wide range of brands and models, they are here to offer car rentals at the competitive discount prices that can meet your budget expectations.