3 Mistakes to Avoid for a Smooth Interstate Shipping of Your Car


While shipping your car across the country, you may come across a number of car transport companies. Although they claim to offer the best service, their quality may highly vary.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

If you are new to interstate car transport and are shipping for the first time, you are likely to make some common mistakes which you should avoid. Here they are.

1. Paying Too Much

Costs of car transport may differ from company to company. Even the same company might charge different amounts based on the kind of service you want.

Find out how much your transport company is charging you and what exactly the charge includes. Make sure there are no hidden costs you hadn’t negotiated for.

Most businesses provide a car shipping quote free of cost. This makes it easier for you to compare the charges of different companies.

However, you should remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best.

In fact, lower prices may mean that you’ll totally depend on the transport company collecting your vehicle when it suits them and not the other way round.

In that case, if you’re in urgency or need to get your vehicle delivered on a certain date, you may need to pay them extra.

2. Missing or Incorrect Papers

You’ll have to produce certain papers in order to ship your car. These typically include the vehicle registration and certificate of insurance.

This is for proving to the shipping company that the vehicle is yours and you possess the rights to transport it.

Make sure you keep all these papers ready to avoid any problem.

Also, the shipping company will conduct an inspection of your car before accepting it for transport e.g. while shipping a car from Perth to Sydney from Dazmac Logistics.

Since the inspection report will be the only record of your car’s condition before it was transported, it’s essential for you to be present at the time of inspection and make sure you’re happy that the report is accurate.

After your car is delivered, you’ll have to conduct another inspection. If you find any damage caused during the transport, you should note it down on the inspection report and make sure the driver signs it.

If you fail to do this, you won’t be able to claim the insurance.

Image Courtesy: dazmac.com.au

3. Not Emptying Your Car

Although it may seem a smart move to stuff your vehicle with all your personal items to save on moving them yourself, it may not be the best option.

While some companies allow up to a hundred pounds of personal items to keep in the car, they won’t take any responsibility if any of them goes missing.

Also, there won’t be any insurance coverage for any damage caused to the vehicle because it contained your belongings.

In addition to all these issues, the extra weight will possibly increase your costs. Therefore it’s best to empty your car before handing it over to the shipping company.

Even American muscle imports according to Dazmac Logistics need the same type of precautions.

Avoid these mistakes and you’ll have your car smoothly transported to your destination.