Will The Pandemic Influence How We Buy Cars In The 21st Century?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. From how we used to party to how we work, everything is changed. COVID-19 pandemic struck hard worldwide. And caused a significant disturbance in our everyday lives.

It also affected how we used to buy cars.

And today, that’s precisely what we are going to discuss. Let’s get started.

Will The Pandemic Influence How We Buy Cars In The 21st Century?

Long story short, yes! Thanks, but no thanks to COVID-19; it dragged the old car-buying process finally into the 21st century. The pandemic hasn’t just influenced how we buy cars in the 21st century. But shaped a path that everyone is most likely to follow.

Let’s look at the back story to understand how the pandemic has influenced (and most certainly changed) how we used to buy cars in the 21st century.

Back story

Let’s be honest with ourselves – COVID-19 has impacted how people used to live their lives. Everything has moved online. Why? Because people fear that physical shopping can expose them to the corona virus.

Even people who resisted online shopping for years are now finally embracing it. Whether it’s out of fear or necessity. And just like that, people have also started to buying cars online.

COVID-19 & The Online Car Buying Wave

Car dealerships also followed the same pattern of the businesses that were once physical, are now switching online. Dealerships were finally forced to embrace the all-online change in their business partner. New hardware was installed with software that would let the customers easily browse any respective dealership inventory.

And people went crazy behind it!

Like who would prefer going to a physical store when a dealership offers free delivery, including test drives and other facilities?

People finally realized the convenience and safety of online car shopping.

Advantages of Online Car Buying

There are several advantages of online car buying. Let’s take a look at some of the attractive ones:

No-Haggle Pricing

Back in the days, when you picked a car in a dealership, you had to go through a long negotiation process. But with online car buying, you can get to see up-front pricing! Now you no longer have to haggle with a salesperson. No-haggling makes it easy both for the buyer and the seller to reach an agreement quickly.

Test Drive Deliveries

With online car buying, you no longer have to go to a dealership for a test drive!

Just book call the dealership and book a test drive for your favorite car. And the dealership will deliver the vehicle to your office or home.

This cut downs the risk of getting exposed to corona virus and eliminating all the hassles and concerns that come with the typical test drive scenario.

Easy Comparing & Contrasting Prices

It’s not time-efficient to go to a physical dealership and sit through the whole conversation just to get a price quote–let alone visiting multiple dealerships to compare and contrast prices.

With online car buying, you can easily compare and contrast the prices of dealerships. You just need to open two internet browser tabs and open each dealership’s respective pricing pages separately.

No more wasting time in comparing and contrasting the prices of dealerships around you.

Disadvantages of Online Car Buying

Like any story in the world, online car buying has two sides–the good and the bad. So let’s look at some of the disadvantages of online car buying:

Inability To See, Feel & Inspect The Car

Nothing takes the place of seeing the car up close and personal. With online car buying, you are unable to see, feel, and inspect the car you are looking forward to buying.

Of course, the dealer gives you a ton of photos and videos of your car. But the digital eye doesn’t unfold the whole story.

Limited Finance Choices

Online car buying leaves you in a forte where you have limited financial choices.


Because the online dealerships are still in their infant phase and they are unable to provide you with multiple finance options. And that’s simply a no-no for most of the people who are looking forward to buying a car.

Final Words

So, will the pandemic influence how we buy cars in the 21st century? It certainly has. But what if everything goes back to normal like a year from now? Will people still prefer online car buying over physical car buying?

There was a time when people used to buy all sorts of things from stores near them. But today, the majority use online stores to order goods. So people may embrace the online tradition when buying their cars. But, it also varies from person to person. People who’ll still be reluctant with the online system will surely love to go to the nearest dealership to purchase a car.

However, people who had realized the safety and convenience of buying cars online will probably stick to it.

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