When to use winter tire chains?


Winter tires make it safe to drive in winter. However, this does not exempt You from the presence of snow chains in the trunk of the car, which will help you overcome difficult situations, especially when traveling in the mountains.

Precautionary measures

In this case, is it worth putting snow chains at all? The Answer Is Yes. In winter, it will be safer to have a set of chains in the trunk, put on alpine premier tire chains on your tires and you won’t have any problems, best tire chains you can find on the iasecon.net. This precaution will allow you to cope with unexpected heavy snowfall without waiting for roads to be cleared, and such situations often occur in Russia during the winter season. Especially if you are on mountain roads with strong descents… Please note that when snow chains are installed, the speed of the vehicle must not exceed 50 km / h.

How to choose the right snow chains

When buying chains, make sure that they fit Your car and the size of the wheels. Otherwise, they can damage the sidewall of the tires, thereby causing malfunctions. We recommend giving preference to chains with the largest number of links: this is a variant of chains with a “ladder” or “rhombus/honeycomb” pattern, having at least 12 longitudinal chains.

Useful tips for installing snow chains

Snow chains are always installed on the driving wheels, that is, on the front wheels if it is a front-wheel drive car. In the case of rear-wheel drive (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari…) or all-wheel drive vehicles, snow chains should be installed on all four wheels to avoid loss of grip on the front axle.

After buying chains, practice installing and removing them. Put them in an easily accessible place in your trunk, along with gloves and a flashlight, just in caseā€¦

To install snow chains, choose a flat surface. And don’t forget to put the car on the brake.

During installation, make sure that the sides of the chains with the “gripping” surface are turned towards the ground.

After installation, don’t forget to drive a few kilometers to tighten the chains.

If Your car is equipped with a traction control system, don’t forget to disable it.

At the end of the winter period, thoroughly clean and dry the chains, put them in their packaging and put them in a dry place.