Weak engine in vintage cars: possible causes


The engine is the lifeblood of any car. But its good or bad functioning is dependent on several components integrated in the power-train. However, keep in mind whether it runs on petrol or diesel. The former may suffer from problems in the advance of the ignition, in the distribution chain or even from difficulty in expelling the gases; the causes for the deficient behavior of the seconds are more difficult to ascertain and can affect components such as the turbo or the intercooler.

Fuel pumps

Responsible for delivering fuel to the engine, a fuel pump can burn when subjected to mistreatment, namely riding the car always in reserve. The problem is even greater with diesel since it is a “dirtier” fuel, the deposit fund of which accumulates more waste. If you notice the car “choking” it may be a sign of complaint by this component. If you have a vintage car, such as Nash Metropolitans, it will be better if you buy genuine Nash metropolitan fuel pump and replace the auto part to avoid further damage to the engine. Incorrect fuel injection, clogged filters, small holes that let air escape ahead of time. There are several factors that can impair the relationship between the fuel and the amount of air that will allow correct burning.

Ignition advance

The ignition advance is the anticipation of the spark emitted by the spark plug before the top dead center, thus allowing the flame to follow the piston rhythm. When this does not happen in the correct way, burning fuel can be difficult. Check the condition of the candles.

Defective exhaust

The exhaust system is just as important as the air intake. It is that if this is essential to an efficient burning, without the first it is not possible to expel the gases and consequently there will be no space for the entry of new air. Check if it is clogged or even if the connections are tight.


If your vintage car is a turbo diesel then there is one more component to worry about. The turbocharger uses the energy of the exhaust gases generated in the engine to turn a turbine connected to a rotor that pumps air into the cylinders, obtaining that the engine has a superior performance. Waste in the lubrication system or lack of oil are the most common problems that can have consequences on the performance of the block, causing loss of power and excessive fuel consumption.


The intercooler is the system currently most used in supercharged engines, functioning as a kind of radiator with the objective of cooling compressed air so that it regains density. A malfunction of this will result in black smoke coming out of the exhaust and an increase in consumption.

Timing belt

This is probably the problem you will face less often. Even so, it is never too much to remember that the timing belt must be changed within the period established by the manufacturer.

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