Understanding the level of ballistic protection of car armour


Many makers design, build a wide range of armored vehicles, including cash-in-transit vans, SUVs, buses, and executive sedans, etc. By making use of innovative lightweight protective goods and top quality heavy-duty equipment, they ensure the highest level of security and performance of their vehicles.

From the time of pulling trigger to the moment that hits the target, it just takes a few milliseconds to end the life. Hence it is very important to choose the armored vehicle that comes with great level of ballistic protection. It’s essential to check the ballistic level before you seal the deal. Evaluate the plating specifications depending on the nature of safety protection and territory in which you will be travelling.

B4, B5, B6, & B7 levels of armour

Make the best use of every armor protection available and this article will guide you in determining the different levels of protection. The standard one is B4 or B5 level that can withstand low velocity gun ammunition, offering safety against fragmentation. B6 is the second level protection that can hold calibres like 9mm & 357 Magnum. The top-notch level is B7 and higher that can armor against more advanced artillery and rifles.  All these standards are accepted worldwide.

These levels indicate their capacity to withstand or stop different bullets penetrating inside the vehicle. For instance, 6.5 mm of armor steel required for B6 level of protection, while 18 mm of armor steel for B7. Look for the certified armoring levels to ensure that you’re buying from the most valued organization.

Below ballistic chart is the convenient method to determine the bullet’s trajectory and understand the armor levels.

Ballistic level Armored ballistic steel Velocity of bullet
B4 9 x 19mm .44 Magnum
B5 7.62 x 39mm AK-47
B6 7.62 x 51mm Winchester .308
B7 7.62 x 51mm API Winchester .308

Different types of
armored vehicles

Similar to ballsitc levels, the vehicles are also categorised into three types, as below.

Lightly armored vehicles: Comes with for a VR or BR package that can protect passnegres from gun shots up to 9MM rounds.

Standard armored vehicles: Very popular choice to withstand bullets from AK-47s and ideal for travel into hostile regions.

Heavy armored vehicles: Usually comes with heavy armor plating to offer protection against 0.223, 0.50, and 14.5 caliber rounds.

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