There are many technological innovations worldwide, and there are tools used to bring them into existence. And one of such is the tower crane. The tower crane is used to construct high building objects such as a skyscraper, water reservoirs, bridges, and other structures. The tower crane at many different times has been used to achieve technological innovations, and it is an excellent tool in building many systems. It is an essential tool in the current world and our society. Construction equipment rental is also referred to as tower crane, as the construction equipment rental is the word used to explain instruments that are expensive and could not be afforded by most people that need them. Still, some people have already bought them because they have access to and have the resources to purchase and manage them. So, they bought them, and they give them out to people who need them, who will, in turn, pay small fees for the rental services offered to them by the company or the corporate organization. The Tower crane is not a tool that can be overlooked because of its effectiveness and the reduction in stress as it helps to loft weighty objects to high places so that they can be fixed and serve their purposes.

There are different types of tower cranes used for construction, and the reason is the difference in their work and their effectiveness. There are three major types of Tower Cranes.

  1. Hammerhead Cranes: The hammerhead tower cranes look like a hammer at the end. Its jib rotates 360 horizontally. There are other names used to describe and explain this kind of tower cranes: A-frame, topless, or flat-top tower cranes. All these names are gotten from their uses and responsibilities.
  2. Luffing Tower Cranes: These also look like the hammerhead crane but have different. Although they have similar works, it also has a job, and they can be raised upward and downward; that motion is called luffing, and that’s where its name originated from. There are works that these cranes can do, they are not limited to, but few of them are; lifting heavier objects than that of hammerhead, which supposes the fact that it is more potent than hammerhead, it’s more expensive since it does the more tedious job, then it will be more expensive.
  3. Self-erecting Tower Cranes: This is majorly constructed to fit the need where the construction spaces are so tight that they can fold and unfold, which means it doesn’t take up more areas.

If these instruments are expensive, you should know that it is a construction equipment rental.