The Top Signs You Need Auto Repair


Have you noticed the “check engine” light appear in your dash? Are you unsure if it requires immediate attention? What about screeching brakes or vibrations in the wheel?

While these issues aren’t uncommon, they indicate repairs are needed. However, if you want to be sure, keep reading. Below you can learn some of the most telling signs it’s time to invest in professional auto repair Brigham City UT.

Flashing or Blinking Check Engine Light

There are two ways the check engine light will appear. It will stay lit steadily or continue flashing or blinking. Both mean your car needs service.

If the light flashes or blinks, it’s a good idea to seek repairs right away. It means there’s a problem that requires immediate attention. A steady light doesn’t require immediate attention, but you should not put service off too long.

Knocking Sounds

If you hear knocking sounds coming from under your hood, you need to seek service right away. Knocking sounds typically indicate you need immediate repairs. In fact, you don’t have much time before the problem gets worse. Sometimes, the knocking sound is the last thing you will hear before the engine dies completely.

Strange Sounds

Besides knocking, your vehicle may make other strange sounds, too. If the only way you can describe a sound is with the word “weird,” then it probably demands attention and service. For example, squealing or grinding sounds usually indicate a problem with the brakes. It may mean they are completely worn out.

Don’t wait for service if you notice any of the sounds mentioned above or other issues. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem will become. It will also result in more repairs and more time you have to be without your vehicle. Acting right away and getting your vehicle to a mechanic will help mitigate these problems.