Role of Air Filter Servicing in Car Performance


Preventive car maintenance is the primary way to keep a car moving at its regular pace. There are several components of preventive maintenance for a vehicle, which is strongly recommended by the manufacturers as well as the auto technicians since a vehicle cannot withstand the hardship of regular transportation for a long time without receiving the necessary care.

One such preventive maintenance components is changing the car air filter. There are many positive effects of the air filter, that plays an important role in the overall performance of the car. At the Burley air filter service center, we were told, that even though one might not directly relate the functionalities of the air filter with the car performance, in reality, there is a connection between the two. The mechanics serving there took pleasure in showing us, how.

Helping the Engine Survive Longer:

The air filter of a vehicle is specifically designed to protect the engine from all the external dirt and debris that can create a blockage between the cylinders and pistons, preventing them from moving and functioning properly. After running for a substantial travel distance, the air filter loses its strength and efficiency to do its designated job. At this point, the engine starts struggling to perform, since the passage of fresh air intake gets blocked. Therefore, the changing of the air filter, before it reaches this stage will automatically save the engine from burning more fuel and getting exhausted prematurely.

Protecting the Exhaust System

Since clogged up air filters will reduce the quantity of air flow to the engine automatically, it will also start affecting the emission and exhaust systems. The incorrect air-fuel mixture might cause the spark plug ignition to suffer which will eventually lead to frequent engine misfires.

On the other hand, when you change the air filter before it gets severely damaged, it will increase the air flow and instantly the engine will revive its energy to run smoothly and will emit lesser the amount of harmful smoke.

Effect on the Vehicle Fuel Efficiency:

One of the most acknowledged effects of the air filter servicing, that will only replace the existing one, is reviving the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The team of mechanics who offer air filter service near Burley explained that for each gallon of fuel that the engine burns for its run, it requires up to 10,000 gallons of fresh air. So, it is quite understandable, that if the air filter is not working its usual way, then the air flow will get reduced because of the blocked passage. As a result, it will require more amount of fuel to perform its regular functions.

So, when it is time to change the air filter, and you skip it, you need to halt more frequently at the pump station, than ever before. But by replacing the air filter in time, you can avoid such consequences and never allow the engine to lose its fuel efficiency, ever.