Read This Before Getting A Car Loan!


If you are looking to get a car, new or just a few years old, you probably don’t have the means to pay for the entire car all at once. This is quite common which is why so many people get a car loan. A car loan is a good thing in that it gives you the opportunity to make repayments on a loan that is different than a normal credit card so it helps to diversify your credit score and give you an opportunity to boost your credit by proving that you can take out different types of loans and repay them on time.

The problem comes when you have a bad credit score and it seems impossible to get a loan let alone with good terms. If you can’t pay for a very large down payment and you certainly can’t pay for the entire vehicle at once, it’s important that you know where to look in terms of financial institutions and what your options are.

  1. The first is taking stock of your situation, and deciding whether you need to wait a few months before you take out a loan.
  2. The next step is finding the right lenders, starting with the bank’s with whom you already work.
  3. Finally, understand the financing terms, so that you know what to expect in the future.

Start by examining your credit score, what lenders think of you, what assets you already have, what types of credit you have already taken out, and how well you have performed in terms of repaying them. A growing problem today across the globe is people getting into financial difficulties due to compulsive gambling where debts and quick loans often are a sign of gambling addiction. To build back your credit score will be difficult. It’s also very common to have ” small” incidents from the past like a credit card debt not repaid from college. It’s easy to forget about this but when you ask for a loan 5 years later you realize it’s still on your credit score. This will hold you back so you need to be prepared to explain this to lenders especially your bank and learn how you can quickly make improvements.

Using existing relationships

If you are having trouble getting a new car loan or you simply don’t know where to look, the first place you should start or any financial institutions with whom you already work. If you have a checking account with a bank, that means that the bank knows you are a decent customer and you have worked with him before and in fact, thanks are much more likely to offer second or third lines of credit to existing customers because it helps improve their portfolio and makes their stockholders happy. To start with your bank and if they have interest rates that are too high, try a different bank. Opening a new account will help you long term to improve your credit score simply because having a diverse portfolio of credit goes a long way.

Finding a car loan

There are many financing options for people who are looking to get a car loan and buying a pre-used car at a lower price can often be done without a loan. Just because you have bad credit or you don’t have any credit doesn’t mean that you are limited to one, high-interest rate loan. There are many options as far as a lender is concerned.

If you end up turned down by the first one, bear in mind that there are plenty of financiers out there who will give you credit for a car loan even if you have a bad history. Everyone deserves a second chance and even though you might want to wait a few months to improve your credit score, something that can literally happen from one month to the next, you will still have a lot of different options out there for people who are willing to give you that second chance.

Once you have completely negotiated for your new car loan you will be able to enjoy your new car knowing you have made a good financial decision!