How To Get Your Pickup Ready To Sell


Do you have a pickup you’d like to sell? Perhaps you’re looking for a new one and you need the proceeds from the sale of the old one to help with the down payment. Invest a little time and money and you could sell that pickup for way more. Here’s how to get your truck ready to sell.

Fix Up Your Truck

Clean your pickup on the inside and wash the outside. Run a vacuum cleaner over the seats and flooring. The more attractive your pickup, the easier it is to sell. If the engine’s running noisy, check the air-fuel pump and replace it if necessary. For the right parts, get FASS diesel fuel pumps.

Determine the Right Price

Make sure you’re asking the right price of your pickup by checking its Kelly Blue Book value. It’s the standard guide for valuing automobiles, and it’s a good way to determine if you’re asking the right price for the truck you’re selling. You can also check the value of your pickup online. Enter the age of your pickup and its mileage to get the right value.

Market Your Pickup

Get a “For Sale” sign and tape to the back window of your pickup. List it on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Take plenty of pictures of your pickup both inside and out and write the most detailed description of your pickup as your can. Be honest about any problems your pickup may have.

Answer Questions and Arrange Test Drives

Be sure to include your cell phone number or other information so potential customers can contact you. Answer all phone calls courteously and be as honest and personable as possible. Customers are more likely to buy if they find you relatable.

By following these tips, you’ll sell your pickup in no time and be ready for your next truck.