How Does Honda Help you Maintain your Vehicle


Owning a Honda car certainly makes you proud for many reasons. But as a valuable customer of this brand, you also enjoy some special benefits in terms of maintaining your Honda car, as the automaker extends a strong helping hand to you to keep your car go heathy and hearty for years together.

We had a very pleasant and sweet memorable experience when we first visited the Petaluma Honda service center , when it was time for our first scheduled maintenance. We really felt valued and nearly pampered the way the staff there handled all the processing, where we didn’t even have to wait for our turn to come.

All we had to do is book an appointment at our convenient time, and take our Honda car to the service center, and the rest was taken care of.

Well Organized Infrastructure

As the Honda service centers are maintained by the automaker itself, you will experience the same pattern all over the world, wherever you see a Honda servicing wing. Irrespective of where it is placed, the place will have a strong infrastructure with well organized departments that automatically allocates the respective parts of the vehicles.

All the repair processes are done with the help of advanced machinery, while the human touch was always there, whenever we had to discuss anything with the team of mechanics or their customer care executives.

Thorough Inspection

When your Honda car is not doing well, and you are not sure what could have gone wrong, take y6our car to any nearby Honda servicing center, and you can just sit back and relax. We can assure you of this, as we ourselves experienced the same, when our Honda Accent was showing “check engine “ light and we couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

At the above mentioned Honda  servicing center, they took our car and started a thorough inspection process. The entire inspection was done with the computerized machinery, that didn’t leave any room for guess work or human error. We were told that it was the transmission fluid that needed to be replaced, and they did it promptly, while we enjoyed ourselves at the luxurious waiting lounge of the service center.

Certified Mechanics

When you handover your Honda car to any staff of the Honda servicing center, you can be rest assured that it will be handled only by the brand certified and trained mechanics, and that your car will be in the right hands.

Genuine OEM Parts

When your Honda car is in need of replacement of any worn out or damaged part, the Honda servicing center will replace it only with the brand certified OEM parts that are new and unused.

In the event of any parts that are rare to find, the staff will make sure you get the best quality ones that are procured from reliable sources.

Types of Repair and Maintenance Done

Every Honda service center will be an all-rounder offering all kinds of services not only to Honda cars but also for other brands. Whether it is a routine maintenance work or a special repair work, you can rely upon them. At the event of an unfortunate collision you can visit any place like the Honda service near Petaluma, to avail the most reliable servicing.