How Can I Protect My Leather Car Seats From My Dog?


First, determine what protection you need for your leather car seat. Is it the annoying hairs, unsightly scratches, or the lingering smell? You can either control excessive damage or prevent the threats from reaching your fine leather.

Brush the hairs, and he will only leave a few pieces. Trim the nails, and he will only scratch a little. You can’t completely stop any of these natural things. With a puppy, you can start training good habits. But a hard-headed adult dog will not appreciate a new harness or the first trimming session. If you want to ride with your dog with the least problems, here’s what you can do.

Protect your leather car seat in one or some of these ways:

Cover Your Leather Car Seats

You can cover the seat with a rag, blanket, or sheet whenever you ride with your dog. These will keep dirt, drool, and hairs off your car seat. They will also protect your leather seats from scratches.

But in most cases, your active dog will pile up the loose covering in one corner in minutes. You can dig deeper into your pockets to get a quality car seat cover. Manufacturers create these seat protectors with your dog’s nails, hair, drool, and dirt in mind. They are durable, waterproof, low maintenance, and very comfortable. Plus, there is always a cover within your budget. Look here to explore dog car seat covers.

Whether you get a custom fit or universal fit cover, the best thing is that a dog car seat cover always stays in place. When shopping for car seat covers, look at the fabric quality, the rating, and reviews. If you already use a dog harness, most dog car seat covers have holes for that. Even if a passenger needs to ride in the back with your dog, they can easily access their seat belt.

Groom Your Dog

Dog grooming reduces shedding, smells, and scratches in your car.

First, trim the nails to protect your leather car seat from dog scratches. You have better chances with a puppy than an adult dog, but there’s no reason not to try. Here’s an excellent guide on how to trim a puppy’s nails for the first time. For an adult dog, it’s best to get a vet to do it and train you too.

The next thing is brushing. A good brushing will remove plenty of excess hair. Use the right shedding blade for your dog’s fur. You can deal with dog smell on your car seat by adding shampoo to your dog’s bath. Also, wipe your car seats after every ride. Then spray the seat with white vinegar mixed with water.

Keep Your Dog Calm In The Car

Whenever you can, get your dog tired before they get in the car. You can take a walk or go for a jog together. If your animal goes in the car exhausted, he/she is very likely to stay in one spot. Alternatively, you can restrict movement with a dog harness or dog guard. It is always safer to restrain pets while driving.