Fleet Truck Tire Safety and the advantages of Temperature and Pressure Monitoring


When operating any vehicle, you have to be certain your tires come in good condition – but particularly when operating large trucks and construction equipment. Proper tire maintenance and care generally is a good investment, as it could help so that the safety of employees which work is finished on schedule.

Tires put on lower easily when they’re not fully inflated. When tire pressure isn’t enought, heat builds up, developing a shorter tire existence time, broken tire casings, and worn-out treads, which create hazardous driving problems that can lead to accidents on the highway. Really, 90% of tire blowouts result from low tire pressure, it’s important that tire pressure is checked regularly.

In addition to the chance of blowouts and accidents, low tire pressure leads to greater moving resistance, meaning the engine will need to keep working harder – and consume more fuel – to function. Using the U.S. United states . states doe, keeping tires at optimum pressure is effective in reducing fuel consumption around 3.3%. So ensuring the fleet’s tires are correctly inflated can save your company lots of money.

For several companies, 36% of fleet maintenance costs visit tire maintenance. Regrettably, truck maintenance teams frequently bypass tire pressure checks in order to save time. This really is frequently a large mistake. Short cuts in tire maintenance can lead to a increased amount of blowouts which should be replaces. Thus, techniques on tire maintenance is bound to cost you a company much more cash with time.

When checking tire pressure, you should utilize a tire gauge or maybe a tire monitoring system to make sure a tire is optimally inflated. When the truck is just present in short distances, tires must be checked a number of occasions monthly. However, for trucks that travel more frequently – and travel longer distances – tire pressure must be checked more frequently. Large trucks have several tires, and ensuring proper tire pressure may well be a large amount of make use of your maintenance team, but it’s certainly helpful as time passes.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems can save your maintenance team time and effort, given that they permit each tire to obtain inspected employing a wireless sensor. When selecting TPMS, companies should find systems while using the following features:

Alerts for low or high tire pressure

Alerts for low or high tire temperature

Visual and auditory warnings for the driver

Trailer and vehicle monitoring

In the event you make sure that the fleet’s tires are checked regularly together with your tires are inflated well, you’ll extend the existence of the tires – and blowouts low. Combined with the cash you’ll save in fuel costs. Sunstate Equipment Co. offers fleet tire maintenance services at affordable cost points – that will assist you ensure the safety in the employees and expenses low. Call 1-800-387-6078 by having an on-site fleet inspection.