Commercial and Domestic Trailer Repairs


If you own a trailer for errands around your property, or if you perform commercial work with a single trailer or multiple trailers, there is never a good time for your trailer to be down awaiting repairs. Owning a trailer is more than just a way to haul cargo from point A to point B. Trailers are often used as a hub for small businesses, and a work trailer with repairs being poorly performed is simply a failed inspection away from costing you time and money in getting your business back on the road.

From winch installation, floor and cabinet installs and upgrades, 5th wheel installation, and gate repair and installation, it is important that trailer upgrades and repairs be performed to the highest quality standards. Your trailer is your asset, and you should protect your asset by ensuring that only skilled technicians perform work on your trailer so that your asset retains its’ value. Upgrades are often a costly undertaking for trailer owners, and they should be performed by professionals with industry experience so that the upgrades are seamlessly grafted into the aesthetic of your trailer.

Electrical, wiring, and lighting issues can cause your trailer to lose its roadworthy status quickly and creates a dangerous scenario for your driver and others on the road around the unsafe trailer. If lights and signals aren’t in proper working order, you risk traffic tickets, property damage, and potential traffic accidents. In addition to performing electrical repairs, your trailer repair company should also be able to bring your trailer to code for DOT inspections as mandated in your area.

Certain trailer repairs aren’t necessary more than once in the lifetime of your trailer if it is driven carefully. These repairs include wheel bearing repacking, and floorboard replacement service. However, even though it isn’t a repeat service on most trailers, you don’t want to settle for any technician performing the job. All work that is performed on your trailer should be guaranteed to pass any road certification necessary for it to be deemed roadworthy and should be performed for a reasonable service charge. You should receive an itemized estimate for any work that you have requested a quote to perform, and the parts pricing should be itemized outside of the labor charges on the estimate. Your service provider shouldn’t perform any work on your trailer until you have approved the repairs on the written estimate.

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