Ceramic Coating High Spots: How To Fix Them


Ceramic coatings are applied to your car’s paint job to give them a long-lasting shine and help in repelling dirt and water, and protecting your car from UV degradation.  Any car owner can make the coating application as the steps to follow are accessible or done for you at a garage. However, if instructions are not well followed or done by inexperienced persons, one may experience faults such as streaks, high spots, gritty textures, or inadequate coverage. One can check out some of the causes of these faults at ceramic coating gone wrong. These causes include little prep work done, use of too much or too little coat, too hot climatic conditions, poor lighting, or use of fake products. Therefore, following instructions when applying ceramic coatings and getting quality products will ensure you get a good job done.

 Here are some of the simple steps to fix high spots;

  1. Use microfiber clothing

A microfiber cloth will be much effective if the high spot removal is done immediately after applying.  It should be used immediately before you finish before the coat gets hard to help level the coating. Additionally, you can use a flashlight to look for high spots after the coat. Additionally, you can check out how to apply ceramic coatings well at DIY ceramic coating.

  1. Apply coating to the highspot

If microfiber cloth does not work, applying another small layer on the high spot will help make it invisible. Use one to two drops on the applicator and buff off with a separate microfiber. However, do not apply a tremendous amount of coat as this will worsen the condition. Additionally, fake products may cause these streaking and high spots; you can compare some of the products at comparing detailing products to get the best products.

  1. Use hand to polish

If the above products do not work; you can try to remove the coating to level or flatten the high spot. Marine paste ceramic coating may come in handy to remove the ceramic coating and high spots without damaging the paint. This paste is safe as it will not affect the original paint. However, if one requires an excellent ceramic coating that will give your car a good shine, you might consider The Last Coat to help protect your car from UV rays.

  1. Use of machine polish 

The use of machine polish is only meant for worst cases where the damage is far much gone, and there’s no other option other than to remove the ceramic coating. Primarily the machine polish is used when the high spot has overstayed and has bonded with the paint solidly.  However, products such as HydroSilex will wear off fast and might not require machine polish.

When applied correctly, Ceramic coatings will give your car a long-lasting shine and protect your car from dirt and other chemical erosion. However, when applying the coating mistakes, it is necessary to fix them sooner when you notice them before they get complex and bond with the paint solidly. Therefore, ensure when applying the coating, you follow all instructions and apply in a well-lit area.