Bridgestone Tire Company has continued to produce tire quality that highlights international business opportunities, trust and development across the tire market. This has gone a long way in providing the right conditions for the chemical and industrial technicalities in the products used in making them such as rubber.

This is quite evident from the anti-vibration and noise-insulating materials, engine belts and poly foams in their tire products. This can also be found in their capability to withstand extreme weather conditions to keep customer’s happy and satisfied when travelling e.g dry, snowy and arid atmosphere of the city of Dubai to keep the mind of customers at rest when travelling.

However, their knowledge in rubber manufacturing and distribution is cheap, affordable and accessible to all customers of both old and new.

Bridgestone tires are one of the most influential tire-making companies in the world. They specialize in vehicle tires, technological and industrial materials, rubber products and other diversified goods.

Goodrich tires can be found across the 6 continents of the world including Asia. They are well known for manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art tire products in the market thereby creating a long term partnership with customers and automobile companies.

Over the years, Bridgestone tires continue to improve their innovations and technological ideas over the years by manufacturing motorcycle, aircraft, tractors and other heavy duty automobiles. Their consistency in quality tire-making and marketing have ensured them as one of the most reliable for improving the comfort and safety of driving life.

Including the UAE, their reputation has then led to the increasing sales and customer trust in over 60 major countries in the globe


 Bridgestone also produces  tire tubes for all sizes of automobiles including trucks, cars, mini-buses, scooters, bicycles, tractors and caterpillars for  leisure driving, sport, or heavy duty work and construction.

Bridgestone company has also achieved an excellent level of expertise on manufacturing rubber products like car seats, belts, sporting kits and utilities and other conventional products.

Their production technology in tires is of top quality as well as their customer services while also providing ways and techniques for their care and maintenance to ensure a long-lasting experience.

For achieving the wishes of drivers who own passenger vehicle, Bridgestone run flat tyres to offers a good range of choices for you such as:

Dueler (built for extreme road performance)

Ecopia (saves fuel and minimizes rolling resistance)

Turanza (luxury experience for quieter journeys)

Dotenza (good road grip and excellent handling)

Blizzak( built for snowey and icey terrain rides)


Bridgestone tires are designed for all road users, affordability accessibility and reliability, Bridgestone is also seen by many, as the best tire product you can get for your vehicle today. This brings about durability, excellence, power, and comfort for all driving experience and conditions. Checking the website below, it is easy to discover the many measurements and varuiations so that you know which works for your vehicle.

To get one today, visit or call on one of the help lines to inquire for more information for fitting services today; +971 5562 69517, +971 54420 4322