A Brief Guide to Learn About Military Car Transport


If you are in military services, then you are eligible to have your car shipped directly to the base. There are no charges to ship one vehicle but you will incur charges if you want to ship more than a vehicle.

In this article, we will tell you the complete procedure involved in shipping military cars either domestically or overseas and tips to do the same.

Basics of Military car shipping

To ship your military car, you will need to coordinate with the auto transport company. You need to seek the assistance of a local transportation office that will help you transport your car with an official carrier. The government is entitled to pay the charges incurred for military car shipping.

The government would pay to ship a single POV if your overseas installation permits it. For transporting a second car abroad, you will need to do the entire procedure on your own. You will need to coordinate with the car transport firm that fulfills the unique requirements of military personnel.

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How to ship the second vehicle abroad?

If you want to ship one more car, then you have two options. It is possible that you can ship the primary POV and purchase a beater car in the destination nation. Another option available to you is to pay out-of-pocket to transport the car to the needs of your family.

Shipping a second vehicle implies paying more for insurance, registration, fuel, and taxes. Military families need to decide that the ease of having two cars will balance the extra costs and that transportation of a second car abroad is very essential.

How much will be the cost of military car transportation?

The total cost to transport a car from one state to another will vary. The amount of money that you pay for the shipment of the car will depend on various factors that include:

  • The make and size of the truck/car
  • Fuel price
  • Seasonal considerations like closures of route
  • Your pick up region
  • The distance that your car will need to travel
  • The condition of the vehicle

If you choose to transport your vehicle in an open carrier, then the charges will be comparatively less than what would you incur if transporting in a surrounded truck.

Tips to transport your car abroad / domestically

Here are a few tips that will help in efficient and hassle-free transportation of the car.

  • Request special assistance if you need to ship more than one car
  • Check whether the auto transport firm provides a special discount
  • Try to contact an auto company that is close to your military base
  • Make arrangements of an auto insurance
  • Sell your second vehicle if you do not need it. If you will be living on a base, then you would not need a second car.


If you are planning to ship your vehicle to a military base, then the above information will guide you in selecting the right one.